Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Establishing a prenuptial agreement is a proactive and realistic approach to marriage. In the past, pre-nuptial agreements were used solely to protect one wealthy spouse from having assets taken away in the event of a divorce. Now, pre-nuptial agreements can be used for more than simply asset division and protection.

There are a number of different reasons couples decide to draft a pre-nuptial agreement prior to marriage. The most common reason is that it can provide an individual with peace of mind because the legal document outlines how certain issues will be addressed down the road in the event of divorce and it is negotiated at a time when the parties are loving toward one another. A pre-nuptial agreement can offer a number of options that do not necessarily follow the law and that are customized to the couple. Personal inheritances and business assets can be protected. It can also include the expectations a person has of the marriage, which could help avoid arguments, the very same arguments that could lead to a divorce.

A strong, well-drawn pre-nuptial agreement is often a good option. Many individuals seek the help of a skilled and meticulous lawyer in order to create a legally sound and comprehensive agreement.