Non-traditional Family Law

Today, more than ever before, the concept and definition of “family” has been enlarged to include parties who never before were included as parents or potential parents. Advanced reproductive technology has resulted in a fudging of lines as to who could be considered a mother or a father. For example, couples who choose to adopt or rely on in vitro fertilization or surrogacy may face certain challenges when determining child custody and child support. Same-sex relationships and marriages have added new dimensions to the mother-father dyad that require the attention of an experienced lawyer. Additionally, with grandparents playing greater roles in the family model, the inventory of potential parent figures has been enlarged exponentially over the past few decades. Many grandparents wish to be active in the lives of their grandchildren, which is why many file for grandparent visitation rights after the child’s parents file for divorce.

These kinds of cases can be complex and difficult to resolve, especially when it seems as if state and federal laws are constantly changing. Over the years, our firm has been involved in a number of ground-breaking and cutting-edge non-traditional family law issues. We are available to provide counsel and advocacy in emerging areas of family law where our good sense and creative thinking serves our clients well.